April Fools’ Day 2017 is here and it’s time for the pranks to get started. For those of you parents out there looking to pull some tricks on your kids, we’ve got a list of ideas. Or, if YOU are the kid, we’ve got a list of pranks you can play on your mom and dad. Check out both lists below.

Prank Text Messages for April Fools’ Day 2017

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– While your kid is sleeping and out like a light, put an embarrassing temporary tattoo on them. If they are a deep sleeper, this is a perfect prank for them. If you can find an “I love Justin Bieber” temporary tattoo to put on your son, you’re golden.

– If you are really looking for some revenge, you could sit your kids down and pretend your splitting up … They may need therapy after this trick though … Use your powers wisely.

– Put a straw in a cup with some jello that needs to set. Let it set overnight in the fridge and pretend it’s juice in the morning. Watch your kid struggle as they try to suck the juice out of their straw.

– Take a bunch of oreos and replace the cream with Colgate all-white toothpaste. Pack the oreos in your kids lunch or give them to your kids as a snack so you can watch the disgust.


– Change your parents’ clocks or reset the alarm on their phones. If they have a really important appointment today, you should probably set the alarm for extra early rather than late.

– If your parents like sugar in their coffee, swap the sugar for salt. Yuck.

– Get a fake tattoo and make it look real. If your parents are anti-tattoos or very strict with you, they should definitely flip out. You could also do a fake nose or belly button piercing. Those are easy.

– Pretend pregnancies usually work. Or, you can try out some “accidental text messages.” Send your parents a message like “I’ll try to sneak out later when my parents go to bed.” Or, you could write, “I can’t believe I got suspended. My mom is going to kill me.” Sit back and watch the craziness begin.

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