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It’s hard to determine fact from fiction when it comes to rumors about TV shows and movies. But many fans are hoping this particular rumor is true (even though it started circulating just a couple days before April Fool’s.) It’s just been announced that Joss Whedon will be directing Batgirl. Whedon hasn’t announced yet who will be playing Batgirl. But fans of The 100 are hoping it’s Lindsey Morgan, the actress who plays Raven.

ComicBook.com was one of the first to break the theory, and now fans are hopping on board the hype train, ready for the official announcement. The theory stems from a tweet Morgan made on March 17:

Whatever the role is, it has to be something big to get that level of excitement from Morgan. She didn’t reveal what the role was, but since then she’s been liking and retweeting a lot of things about Batgirl. Sure, it might just be coincidence. But here are just two examples:

She’s not retweeting and saying “no.” But she might just be enjoying the attention. And who wouldn’t be flattered to know their fans think they’d make an epic Batgirl?

Her fans are all over social media, sharing how they think she’d be perfect for the role:

But some wonder what the rumors might mean for her character Raven:

Here’s one reason why she’d be perfect. Time reported that Whedon’s version of Batgirl will be influenced by the New 52 Batgirl comics launched in 2011 and written by Gail Simone. These feature Barbara Gordon recovering from a spinal injury from a fight with Joker and still being haunted by the attack. (One blogger talked more about Raven’s recent role on The 100 here.)

Does Raven’s story sound familiar to anyone?

Yes, it’s very similar to the role Lindsey Morgan’s been playing with Raven on The 100. She too has had a pretty severe injury that she’s had trouble coping with, and it’s been affecting and haunting her ever since. So it’s almost like Morgan has been training for this role and was created for it.

Only time will tell if she’s the pick, but The 100 fans are hoping this rumor is true.

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