The official reveal trailer of Destiny 2 was released today after being teased the past couple of days. The biggest news is the game will be coming to PC and the pre-order page is up now. After being left in the dark for the first Destiny, Bungie and Activision have remedied that by allowing PC gamers to jump in on the loot-based shooter.

If you pre-order, you will get the game, expansion pass and a legendary sword, player emote and emblem. Destiny 2 will launch Sept. 8 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For those sticking around with Destiny, the final live update was released two days ago and it brought back a lot of old content to dive back into.

A livestream is scheduled for May 18 to show gameplay and upcoming activities you can do in the game.

Another ‘Destiny 2’ Teaser

Another teaser has been released showcasing Destiny 2, this time it’s in the form of a video.

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