(Great Fairy Cotera)

I heard you were looking to upgrade your outfit in Breath of the Wild. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In order to upgrade your armor, you need to find the Great Fairy Fountains and lucky for you, we know where they are.

There’s a couple things you should know about the fountains and that’s that they cost money to activate. The first fountain you find will set you back 100 rupees, which is no big deal. However, the second one is 500 rupees, the third will be 1,000 and the fourth will put a big dent in your wallet by costing 10,000 rupees. Once you get all four of the fountains, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment to four stars so it’s worth the investment.

With all that said here are the four locations of the fountains.

Kaysa’s Great Fairy Fountain

It is a short jog to the south from the Tabantha Tower.

Mija’s Great Fairy Fountain

This one is to the south of Tarrey Town, east of Lake Akkala.

Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain

This one is likely the hardest to come across but it is pretty easy to find. It in the southwest corner of the Gerudo Desert, underneath the giant skeleton.

Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain

This is probably the first fountain you come across as the main quest pretty much takes you here. It is northeast of Kakariko Village off a path coming from the village.

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