Drake has a complex history with fellow emcees and the feuds that have resulted. Just recently, Kendrick Lamar reignited their long-standing lyrical battle with “The Heart Part 4,” while up-and-comer XXXTentacion dubbed Drizzy “a b*tch” for stealing his rap flow.

And while Drake’s past has seen on the winning side of chest-puffing and response records, HollywoodLife reports that he’s been advised to no longer respond to them. This advise comes courtesy of R&B icon Sade, a major influence on the rapper who feels that it isn’t worth his time to engage in attention-grabbing feuds.

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A source for the publication reported that “While everyone’s in the studio collaborating on a diss track and spreading hate, Drake’s turning the page and wants to get in the studio with Sade and collab on a love song.” This would be a collaboration long in the making for Drake, who has repeatedly spoken about his love for Sade over the years.

The source went on to say that “She told him that love and passion is the only way. He’s taken her words to heart. He’ll kill Kendrick [Lamar], Meek [Mill] and all the other rappers who despise him with love!” This new outlook is in direct contrast to the Drake who recorded More Life, as the recent playlist came riddled with subliminal disses to Mill, Tory Lanez, Jay-Z and more. Click here for a full list.

Do you think Drake has turned over a new leaf?

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