Leah Adams pictured on her Facebook page.

Cops in Virginia say a 19-year-old college student was stabbed to death by her high school boyfriend on March 25. Leah Adams was found bleeding with a stab wound in a street in the town of Front Royal at around 8:30 p.m. Cops had been called to the scene after getting a report of a possible hit-and-run which later proved to be incorrect. While there, officers received reports of a possible burglary. It was at that scene were Adams’ boyfriend, 17, was arrested. He had been driving the victim’s car. Adams was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Teenage Boyfriend Will Be Charged as an Adult & Could Face 40 Years in Prison

Front Royal Leah Adams murder

(Screengrab via NBC Washington)

A press release from the Front Royal Police Department says that Adams died after suffering stab wounds to her chest. Her boyfriend has been charged with second-degree murder. If convicted, he could face up 40 years in prison. The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has said that the suspect will be charged as an adult. Adams was a victim of domestic violence, according to authorities. A friend told Fox D.C., “She was just trying to break up with him – that was it – and it led to another thing. That is all what she was trying to do, just break up with the guy, and now she lost her life.”

Leah Adams boyfriend

Adams with her boyfriend. (Facebook)

One witness told Fox D.C., “My wife came out here and said she was two driveways down lying on her side because she was bleeding from the neck area.” The station adds in their report that Adams was found outside the home of a Front Royal police officer. The suspect will appear in court for the first time on April 6. He is being held at Northwestern Regional Juvenile Detention Center without bond.

Leah Adams Photos: Pictures of Virginia Murder Victim

Virginia college student Leah Adams, 19, will be laid to rest on March 31. Her high school student boyfriend is accused of stabbing her to death.

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2. Drugs Are Thought to Have Been Involved in the Killing

Leah Adams Death Scene Front Royal

This is where Adams was found bleeding to death. (Screengrab via NBC Washington)

In an interview with NBC Washington, Robert Adams said that his daughter had recently moved out of the family home and into her own apartment. The station’s report says that Robert Adams believes his daughter’s boyfriend began acting “strangely” around this time. Her father went on to say, “It’s possible he was on some type of drug that made him go crazy. They got along very well, so we were shocked to hear everything that happened.” He added that authorities told him that the suspect had attempted to steal his daughter’s car which started their fight on the fateful night.

Robert Adams took to Facebook to deny rumors that his daughter had been dragged by a car prior to her death. He wrote, “Thank you for your thoughts and prayers but please know that half of what people are writing about on here about what happened is false. Please wait for official reports to come out, as there is still a lot to be answered. We love our daughter and her life was taken too early from us.”

3. The Couple Had Been Dating Since January

Leah Adams Instagram page


According to her Facebook page, Adams grew up in Winchester, Virginia, but was originally from Albany, Wisconsin. NBC Washington described her family as being avid Green Bay Packers fans. Adams says on her page that she had been in a relationship since January 7. She was a graduate of James Wood High School.

Under a photo apparently announcing the couple’s relationship in January, one of Adams’ aunts jokingly wrote underneath, “Boy, get away from my nice! Lol.” To which Adams responded, “Haha love you!.”

According to a Go Fund Me page for Adams’ funeral expenses, her memorial service will be held on March 31.

Leah Adams Photos: Pictures of Virginia Murder Victim

Virginia college student Leah Adams, 19, will be laid to rest on March 31. Her high school student boyfriend is accused of stabbing her to death.

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4. Adams’ Dad Says ‘She Had Big Plans for Herself’

Leah Adams Front Royal

(Screengrab via Fox D.C.)

Robert Adams, told NBC Washington, that his daughter was studying at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown. She was also an intern at a local Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) while also working at a bank call center. Adams was the oldest sister to three brothers.

Robert Adams told the station, “She had big plans for herself. She had a good job, she was going to school, she worked hard and she was full of personality. She had places to go and it was too soon for her to go.” While speaking about the suspect, Robert Adams said, “Part of me actually wants to hate the kid, but I have a really strong faith, a really good church, and part of me wants to forgive him.”

5. Adams Is Being Mourned by Friends & Family on Social Media

Leah Adams Fox D.C.

(Screengrab via Fox D.C.)

Adams is being mourned by friends and family on social media. While speaking to Fox D.C., one friend said of Adams, “She’s a very sweet lady. She didn’t deserve to die.” While a neighbor told the station, “It’s terrible for the community. You don’t want to see any of these young kids hurt. It’s devastating. It’s tragic.” While Adams Facebook page has been turned into a shrine for the slain college student. While a tribute page, Praying for Leah Adams has also been set up.

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