Day one of Group B play of the European leg has wrapped up and here are the results.

Dignatas vs Movistar Riders


Dignatas and Movistar Riders had their series pushed to a Game 3 with Movistar Riders taking the first contest in a King of the Hill match and Dignatas took Game 2 on Hollywood. Bromas for Dignatas performed great as Tracer on Hollywood and was given the Play of the Game for Game 2.

Game 3 took place on Volskaya Industries. Movistar Riders rolled through and took both points in just 2:10. Dignatas took nearly seven minutes to capture the two objectives with their turn on attack. Movistar Riders initial time ended up being too much to overcome for Dignatas as they were unable to hold Point A for 5:50. Kolsti of Movistar Riders as Winston was given Play of the Game.

Movistar Riders completed the upset and won the series 2-1.

WINNER: Movistar Riders

Misfits vs Singularity Ninjas


Game 1 took place on Hanamura with Misfits playing defense first. Misfits was able to hold Singularity to just one point taken for the round which put them in a great position to take Game 1 as they went on the attack. Misfits took the first point with 6:30 to spare which was too much of a cushion for Singularity to defend against. Game 1 went to Misfits. Play of the game went to Nevix of Misfits as Genji.

Game 2 took the teams to Nepal in a King of the Hill match. Misfits took the first point 100-99. In the next round, Misfits took quick control of the point and held it until 33 percent before it was taken by Singularity. Despite several strong pushes by Misfits, Singularity was able to keep the point the rest of the round to win it 100-33. In the next round, Singularity capped the point first and held it until 38 percent before losing it. Team Singularity Ninjas never made a strong push into the point the rest of match and lost the round. For the fourth and final point of Nepal, Misfits was able to make it to the point first but Singularity Ninjas was the first to cap it. Misfits proved to be too much and took Game 2.

Misfits won the series 2-0.

WINNER: Misfits

Hammers Esports vs ALTERNATE aTTaX


Game 1 featured Numbani with Alternate on defense first and Hammers attacking. It took some time but eventually Hammers Esports was able to get the payload rolling through the first checkpoint and halfway to the final one before it was stopped. With 30 seconds to go, the payload was getting close to its destination as Alternate gave its final defense. The payload ended up going to distance with 3.1 seconds left on the clock. In the next round, the payload never got moving with Hammers Esports claiming Numbani and Game 1. Play of the Game went to Fischer of Hammer Esports as Genji.

Game 2 took us to Nepal with Alternate Attax taking the point first in a must win game. Hammers was able to wrestle control back up the point after letting it reach 99 percent. Despite a last second push, Hammers Esports was able to hang on and win the round 100-99. Hammers took the point first in the next round and held onto it until 87 percent. Alternate Attax was almost able to do what Hammers Esports did last round and come back from near defeat to hang on but ended up falling 100-93. Alternate Attax grabbed the point first in the next round and was able to hold onto it until 64 percent. The first defense by Hammers featured a Zarya ultimate that was able fend off the wave but Hammers ended up losing the point at 59 percent. Alternate made it to 99 percent but lost the point in overtime. Hammers was able to defend the rest of the way and take Game 2. Fischer as Genji took the play of the game in this game as well.

Hammers Esports won the series 2-0.

WINNER: Hammers Esports