Here are the top nine tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Planet of Heroes.

1. Embrace (Mini) Map Awareness

• Always keep an eye on the minimap – it provides a ton of useful information. Look out for enemies and their movements. Are they coming into your area of the jungle? Setup a gank. Are they going to kill the Archon for that amazing buff? Try to steal it.

2. Own Those Glyphs

Planet of Heroes

• The glyphs and jungle monsters are neutral, which means you and your enemies can dive into each others jungle area and steal them – make sure you use everything you see to your benefit. You don’t want your enemies to get your precious buffs, do you?

3. Understand the Roles of Each Hero

Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes’ heroes are separated by four archetypes: Tanks, Marksmen, Supports and Assassins. Tanks have a lot of health, can sustain a lot of damage and act as the frontline of your team. Marksmen are the backline of your team and provide assistance with ranged attacks and crowd control. Assassins have a very low health pool, but compensate well with very high burst damage and the ability to duel with other heroes more easily. Last, but not least, are the Supports, the heart and soul of every team – their abilities are mostly a mix of heals or shields that help the team to stay alive in a fight.

4. Team Building Matters

Planet of Heroes

• When creating your team, make sure you create a balanced combination. 3 tanks? Sounds good since they’ll all survive longer, but who will do the damage? Tanks are referred to as tanks but they don’t have cannons. Well, Bluebeard does at least…

5. Maximize the Power of Runes

Planet of Heroes

• The game’s rune system is where the heart of customization happens for your heroes. They make your heroes more unique and can even alter your playstyle. Each hero level provides you with access to new runes, so make sure to read their descriptions. When you play with a new hero you probably won’t have many runes unlocked, but you can still can be matched up against players who do – here you will need to play smart. Don’t just rush them and be like “Oi mate! Fight me 1on1 behind Tesco!” This will always end badly. Sneak around the corner and ambush them. Play smart, not hard.