Shiny Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go. 

On Wednesday afternoon, images and videos of shiny Magikarps were posted on Reddit and Twitter; these reports were subsequently verified by a number of other users who also discovered shiny Pokemon in the game.

From there, the question most players had was: do these shiny Magikarps evolve into shiny Gyaradoses? The answer appears to be yes: users who have caught the shiny Magikarps have reported that they do indeed evolve into shiny Gyaradoses, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Unfortunately, you need quite a bit of candy if you want to evolve your Magikarp into Gyrados, as a Magikarp evolution costs 400 pieces of candy. This is not any different than usual, though.

The discovery of shiny Pokemon came just hours after the beginning of a “water festival” event, during which water Pokemon spawn more frequently in the wild than usual. This means tht the next seven days are the perfect opportunity to stock up on the new shiny Pokemon.

However, you won’t actually know whether you have found a shiny Pokemon until you get into an encounter with it, as shiny Pokemon do not appear shiny on the map. They also do not appear shiny on the nearby tracker.

It also seems that the same Pokemon can be shiny for some players and non-shiny for other players, with some users reporting that they captured a shiny Pokemon, but when their friend captured the same exact Pokemon, it was not shiny.

Still other players have reported that they have captured a shiny Pokemon that is not displayed as the correct color. If you’re wondering if this has happened to you, you can verify that by trying to transfer the Pokemon in question. If it’s a shiny Pokemon, you will receive a message that asks if you’re sure you want to transfer the shiny Pokemon. If it’s a normal Pokemon, the error message will make no mention of the word shiny.

In February, at the DICE Awards, a Niantic employee cryptically told players that they should save their candies. Nobody had any idea what this meant at the time, but some fans are now speculating that the employee had the shiny Pokemon launch in mind, and he was recommend that players save their Magikarp candy so that they should be able to easily evolve it into Gyrados when the time was right.