What do the shiny Pokemon look like? (Niantic)

Shiny Pokemon are beginning to invade Pokemon Go and trainers couldn’t be more excited. But how will you know if you’re encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild? In addition to the sparkle animation that you’ll see on the capture screen, shiny Pokemon will also be a different color. Depending on the species, this can be a big color change or just a minor, more subtle difference. So far, as of the time of publication, only shiny Magikarp and shiny Gyarados have been spotted in the game.

Shiny Pokemon are a different color from regular Pokemon. That’s the main difference: their color is different and they are more rare. You won’t know if you’re encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild until you try to capture it. All shiny Pokemon should evolve into shiny Pokemon.

Here’s a complete list of the shiny Pokemon from Generation 1 and Generation 2 that you may eventually encounter, along with their colors, from sources including Ranked Boost, Bulbapedia, and Pokemon Go Hub. This is according to other Pokemon games, not what’s been encountered in Pokemon Go, so there’s a slight chance some of these may change for the game itself. So far, only shiny Magikarp and shiny Gyarados have been reported by Pokemon Go trainers.

These Pokemon are listed in order of their Pokedex. To find a specific Pokemon, search for it on this page. These are just general color descriptions of the shiny Pokemon.

  1. Bulbasaur: Green
  2. Ivysaur: Green
  3. Venusaur: Green
  4. Charmander: Yellow
  5. Charmeleon: Yellow
  6. Charizard: Greyish
  7. Squirtle: Blue
  8. Wartortle: Light purple-ish
  9. Blastoise: Purple
  10. Caterpie: Yellow
  11. Metapod: Red/orange-ish
  12. Butterfree: Pink wings and Purple body
  13. Weedle: Yellowish
  14. Kakuna: Green
  15. Beedrill: Green
  16. Pidgey: Greenish yellow
  17. Pidgeotto: Greenish yellow
  18. Pidgeot: Yellow
  19. Rattata: Green-ish
  20. Ratticate: Orange and Green
  21. Spearow: Green and yellow wings
  22. Fearow: Green
  23. Ekans: Green
  24. Arbok: Yellowish
  25. Pikachu: Slightly different orangey shade
  26. Raichu: Orange
  27. Sandshrew: Green
  28. Sandslash: Brownish with red feathers
  29. Nidoran – F: Purple
  30. Nidorina: Purple
  31. Nidoqueen: Green
  32. Nidoran – M: Light blue
  33. Nidorino: Blueish purple
  34. Nidorking: Blue
  35. Clefairy: Light pink
  36. Clefable: Light pink with green ears
  37. Vulpix: Yellow body
  38. Ninetales: Light purple-ish
  39. Jigglypuff: Light purple-ish
  40. Wigglytuff: Purple
  41. Zubat: Green
  42. Golbat: Green body
  43. Oddish: Green
  44. Gloom: Green
  45. Vileplume: Green with an orangeish peach top
  46. Paras: Dark Orange-ish
  47. Parasect: Orange instead of red
  48. Venonat: Dark purple with blue eyes
  49. Venomoth: Blue
  50. Diglett: Blue nose
  51. Dugtrio: Blue noses
  52. Meowth: Darker peach orange
  53. Persian: Lighter yellow (very difficult to tell the difference)
  54. Psyduck: Blue
  55. Golduck: Brighter blue
  56. Mankey: Green
  57. Primeape: Peachish body with green legs and arms
  58. Growlithe: Yellow
  59. Arcanine: Yellow
  60. Poliwag: Blue
  61. Poliwhirl: Bright blue
  62. Poliwrath: Green
  63. Abra: Lighter yellowish
  64. Kadabra: Lighter yellow with purple
  65. Alakazam: Yellow with pink
  66. Machop: Greenish
  67. Machoke: Green
  68. Machamp: Green
  69. Bellsprout: Yellow
  70. Weepinbell: Lime green
  71. Victreebel: Green and beige-brown leaves
  72. Tentacool: Purple body and green eyes
  73. Tentacruel:  Blueish purple body and green eyes
  74. Geodude: Yellow
  75. Graveler: Brown
  76. Golem: Brown
  77. Ponyta: Blue mane and tail
  78. Rapidash: Blueish mane and tail
  79. Slowpoke: Lighter pink
  80. Slowbro: Purple
  81. Magnemite: Beige-and-greyish
  82. Magneton: Beige and grey
  83. Farfetchd: Pink wings and head
  84. Doduo: Green
  85. Dodrio: Green
  86. Seel: White/greyish
  87. Dewgong: White
  88. Grimer: Green
  89. Muk: Green
  90. Shellder: Orange
  91. Cloyster: Blue
  92. Gastly: Purple with blue smoke
  93. Haunter: Brighter purple (this one is tougher to distinguish)
  94. Gengar: Blueish-grey body
  95. Onix: Green-yellow
  96. Drowzee: Pink and dark pink
  97. Hypno: Pink
  98. Krabby: Yellow
  99. Kingler: Green
  100. Voltorb: Blue
  101. Electrode: White and blue
  102. Exeggcute: Yellow
  103. Exeggutor: Yellow body and orange leaves on the head
  104. Cubone: Green with white head
  105. Marowak: Green with white head
  106. Hitmonlee: Green
  107. Hitmonchan: Green head, blue hands
  108. Lickitung: Yellow
  109. Koffing: Blue with pink smoke
  110. Weezing: Blue with purple smoke
  111. Rhyhorn: Brown
  112. Rhydon: Grey/beige
  113. Chansey: Beige with green feet and ears
  114. Tangela: Green
  115. Kangaskhan: Lighter brown (very tough to distinguish)
  116. Horsea: Bright blue with pink stomach and fins
  117. Seadra: Blueish purple with pink fins
  118. Goldeen: White with yellow instead of orange
  119. Seaking: White with lighter orange and green
  120. Staryu: Beigish-blue with a blue center instead of a red center
  121. Starmie: Blue body, blue center
  122. Mr. Mime: Green dots
  123. Scyther: Darker green (tough to distinguish)
  124. Jynx: Lighter pink dress (tough to distinguish)
  125. Electabuzz: Orange
  126. Magmar: Pink
  127. Pinsir: Purple
  128. Tauros: Yellow with green mane
  129. Magikarp: Yellow
  130. Gyarados: Red
  131. Lapras: Purple
  132. Ditto: Blue
  133. Eevee: Greyish
  134. Vaporeon: Pink
  135. Jolteon: Green
  136. Flareon: Light brown
  137. Porygon: Blue and light pink
  138. Omanyte: Purple body
  139. Omastar: Purple body
  140. Kabuto: Green
  141. Kabutops: Green
  142. Aerodactyl: Pink with blue wings
  143. Snorlax: Brighter blue (tough to distinguish)
  144. Articuno: Lighter blue (tough to distinguish)
  145. Zapdos: Deeper orange (tough to distinguish)
  146. Moltres: Pink body
  147. Dratini: Pink
  148. Dragonair: Pink
  149. Dragonite: Green
  150. Mewtwo: Green tail
  151. Mew: Blue
  152. Chikorita: Yellow
  153. Bayleef: Orangeish-peach body
  154. Meganium: Yellow body
  155. Cyndaquil: Orangeish brown on head rather than blue
  156. Quilava: Orangeish brown on head and body stripe rather than blue
  157. Typhlosion: Pink stripe down top of body rather than blue
  158. Totodile: Bright blue
  159. Croconaw: Bright blue with blue spikes instead of Orange
  160. Feraligatr: Bright blue with blue spikes instead of orange
  161. Sentret: Rather than brown on brown, it’s reddish brown on beige
  162. Furret: pink
  163. Hoothoot: Yellow body
  164. Noctowl: Yellow body
  165. Ledyba: Yellow head and back instead of orange
  166. Ledian: Orangeish yellow head and back and feet instead of red
  167. Spinarak: Blue
  168. Ariados: Purple body
  169. Crobat: Pink body and green wings
  170. Chinchou: Brighter blue
  171. Lanturn: Purple
  172. Pichu: Brighter yellow (might be tougher to distinguish)
  173. Cleffa: Pink with green ears
  174. Igglybuff: Brighter pink (might be tougher to distinguish)
  175. Togepi: Subtle difference
  176. Togetic: Subtle difference, more white
  177. Natu: Subtle difference, lighter green and orange
  178. Xatu: Brighter/lighter green body (subtle difference)
  179. Mareep: Pink
  180. Flaaffy: Lighter pink with a green end on the tail (subtle difference)
  181. Ampharos: Pink
  182. Bellossom: Pink head
  183. Marill: Green
  184. Azumarill: Yellow
  185. Sudowoodo: Green body
  186. Politoed: Blue
  187. Hoppip: Green
  188. Skiploom: Purple/pink
  189. Jumpluff: Pink
  190. Aipom: Pink instead of purple
  191. Sunkern: More orangeish yellow (subtle change)
  192. Sunflora: Lighter yellow (subtle change)
  193. Yanma: Blue
  194. Wooper: Pink body
  195. Quagsire: Purple
  196. Espeon: Green
  197. Umbreon: Dark with blue trim instead of yellow
  198. Murkrow: Purple/pink
  199. Slowking: Lighter purple with some blue accents
  200. Misdreavus: Green
  201. Unown: Blue
  202. Wobbuffet: Pink
  203. Girafarig: Brighter yellow with blue spikes instead of pink
  204. Pineco: Beige/yellow
  205. Forretress: Yellow
  206. Dunsparce: Yellow with pink trim instead of blue
  207. Gligar: Blue
  208. Steelix: Yellow
  209. Snubbull: Blueish body instead of pink
  210. Granbull: Peach-ish body instead of pink
  211. Qwilfish: Pink
  212. Scizor: Yellow and green
  213. Shuckle: Blue instead of orange
  214. Heracross: Pink
  215. Sneasel: Pink
  216. Teddiursa: Green
  217. Ursaring: Green
  218. Slugma: Grey
  219. Magcargo: Purple/pink
  220. Swinub: Greenish
  221. Piloswine: Yellow
  222. Corsola: Blue
  223. Remoraid: Light purple
  224. Octillery: Yellowish
  225. Delibird: Pink instead of red
  226. Mantine: Blue
  227. Skarmory: Grey body with green wings instead of blue with red
  228. Houndour: Blue
  229. Houndoom: Blue
  230. Kingdra: Purple
  231. Phanpy: Lighter blue (tougher to distinguish)
  232. Donphan: Greenish body with brown on top
  233. Porygon2: Blue body with pink feet and tail
  234. Stantler: Green
  235. Smeargle: Yellowish body with a pink-tipped tail
  236. Tyrogue: Blue accents on grey body
  237. Hitmontop: Pink accents on grey body
  238. Smoochum: Lighter pink (tough to distinguish)
  239. Elekid: Slightly different shade of yellow (subtle)
  240. Magby: Yellow
  241. Miltank: Blue with brownish ears and tail tip
  242. Blissey: Lighter pink (subtle difference)
  243. Raikou: Orange body and green hump
  244. Entei: Orange/peach body, blue accent on ear where there was red
  245. Suicune: Lighter blue and darker blue where there was purple
  246. Larvitar: Yellow green
  247. Pupitar: Purple
  248. Tyranitar: Beige with purple stomach
  249. Lugia: Lighter blue with pink accents instead of dark blue
  250. Ho-Oh: Yellow wings
  251. Celebi: Pink

It’s important to remember that some Pokemon will have a dramatic, stark difference from their Shiny counterparts, and some will be very subtle and tough to decipher. So look for sparkling animation to clue you in on whether a Pokemon is Shiny. As far as which Shiny Pokemon are best to catch, it won’t be any different from their regular counterparts. The ones that are generally the best gym attackers and defenders will still be so.

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