A ‘water festival’ event is occurring in ‘Pokemon Go’ this week. (Niantic)

Shiny Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go.

Specifically, shiny Magikarps started popping up in the game on Wednesday afternoon. But there have been some glitches with the launch, as there are reports of shiny Pokemon not actually changing colors once captured. So how can you know for sure whether you’ve captured a shiny Pokemon?

Obviously, a shiny Magikarp is supposed to appear gold colored, and a shiny Gyarados is supposed to be appear red colored, as is the case with the Pokemon in the following two screenshots:

But if you want to verify whether your non-gold Magikarp or non-red Gyarados is secretly a shiny Pokemon, there’s a simple trick.

All you have to do is try to transfer the Pokemon in question. You can do this by clicking the red Poke Ball on the bottom of the screen and then selecting “Pokemon.” Then select the Pokemon in question, press the button on the bottom right of the screen with the three horizontal lines, and hit transfer.

Normally, you will receive a message that says “Do you want to transfer Magikarp to the professor?” or “Do you want to transfer Gyarados to the professor?” If you get this message, this confirms you have a normal Pokemon.

However, if it’s a shiny Pokemon you’re dealing with, you will receive a different message asking if you’re sure you want to transfer the shiny Pokemon. It will say, “Do you really want to transfer this Shiny Pokemon?” If you get this message, now you know that the Pokemon is actually a shiny one, even if it’s not appearing that way on screen.

The gallery below, for instance, shows a Pokemon that appears to be a normal Magikarp at first glance, but when the player tried to transfer it, they discovered that it’s actually a shiny Pokemon:

It seems that the same Pokemon is not necessarily shiny for all players, as some have reported that they have caught a shiny Pokemon but that same Pokemon appears non-shiny in their friend’s game.

It also seems that the Pokemon do not appear in their shiny form on the game’s map or on the nearby tracker; it’s not until the actual encounter that the Pokemon reveals its true nature, and even then sometimes the game doesn’t seem to register the new color properly.