A new ‘Pokemon Go’ nest migration has just taken place. (Niantic)

The latest Pokemon Go nest migration has just taken place. What spawns are different thing time around?

In Pokemon Go, “nests” are areas in the real world where the same species of Pokemon spawns at a very high frequency, and so if you travel to a Slowpoke nest, you will likely encounter a number of Slowpokes all in the same area.

However, to keep the game fresh, Niantic changes up the nests every two weeks so that they begin to output different Pokemon than they did before. Some nests, however, remain the same through this “migration,” and still others stop being nests entirely.

To check in on what nests have changed in the latest migration, you can make use of The Silph Road’s nest atlas. This is a giant map of the real world on which players report nests in their area, and a marker is placed anywhere there is a nest.

Simply click on the marker to get more details about the nest. You will especially want to check to see when the nest was most recently updated, looking to see if it has been verified on or after March 23rd. That was the day of the latest nest migration, and so if the nest was verified after that date, it means it is likely still accurate, as is the case with the Pikachu nest below:

Nest Migration, Nest Migration pokemon go, pokemon go nest atlas

A Pikachu nest is seen on The Silph Road’s nest atlas. (The Silph Road)

It should be noted that there is currently an event going on in which water Pokemon spawn at a higher frequency than usual, and so if you’re discovering a lot of water Pokemon nearby, this may not be due to any new nests.

To give you an idea of what some of the nest changes this time around have been, here are some of the migrations that have been reported by the Pokemon trainers over on Reddit. Your own experience with nests will likely vary:

  • Chikorita -> Exeggute
  • Exeggute -> Ponyta
  • Horsea -> Cyndaquil
  • Jynx -> Geodude
  • Kabuto -> Cyndaquil
  • Magmar -> Scyther
  • Magnemite -> Nidoran
  • Magnemite -> Snubbul
  • Marill -> Misdreavus
  • Marill -> Pikachu
  • Natu -> Misdreavus
  • Onix -> Kabuto
  • Pincer -> Charmander
  • Poliwag -> Pikachu or Bellsprout
  • Scyther -> Sandshrew
  • Shellder -> Pikachu
  • Shuckle-> Pikachu
  • Sneasel -> Girafarig
  • Spinarak -> Jynx
  • Swinub -> Weedle
  • Swinub-> Krabby
  • Tentacool -> Bulbasaur
  • Totodile -> Oddish
  • Wobbufett -> Diglett