‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Shiny Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go.

At this time, there are only two shiny Pokemon available in the game: Magikarp and Gyarados. The word “shiny” is actually a bit misleading here, as that actually refers to Pokemon that are completely different colors than they usually are. Shiny Magikarps are yellow, and shiny Gyaradoses are red.

There is reason to believe that more shiny Pokemon will eventually be added into the game, though, and that could happen at any time. After all, Niantic never did make an official announcement about the release of shiny Magikarps and Gyaradoses, and so you will now want to be on the lookout for other possible shiny creatures.

So that players know what to look for going forward, here’s a look at all of the shiny Pokemon in generation one and generation two:

Pokemon Normal Color Shiny Color
Bulbasaur Green Light Green
Ivysaur Blue Light Green
Venusaur Blue Light Green
Charmander Orange Yellow
Charmeleon Red Yellow
Charizard Orange Black
Squirtle Blue Light Blue
Wartortle Blue Purple
Blastoise Blue Purple
Caterpie Green Yellow
Metapod Green Orange
Butterfree Purple Pink
Weedle Brown Yellow
Kakuna Yellow Green
Beedrill Yellow Green
Pidgey Brown Yellow
Pidgeotto Brown Yellow
Pidgeot Brown Yellow
Rattata Purple Yellow
Raticate Brown Red/Orange
Spearow Brown & Red Yellow
Fearow Brown Yellow
Ekans Purple Green
Arbok Purple Yellow
Pikachu Bright Yellow Dark Yellow
Raichu Orange Dark Orange
Sandshrew Yellow Green
Sandslash Yellow & Brown Tan & Red
Nidoran Blue Purple
Nidorina Blue Purple
Nidoqueen Blue Green
Nidoran Purple Blue
Nidorino Purple Blue
Nidoking Purple Blue
Clefairy Pink & Brown Light Pink & Green
Clefable Pink & Brown Light Pink & Green
Vulpix Brown Yellow
Ninetales Yellow Silver
Jigglypuff Pink With Blue Eyes Purple With Green Eyes
Wigglytuff Pink With Blue Yes Purple With Green Eyes
Zubat Blue & Purple Green
Golbat Blue & Purple Green
Oddish Blue & Green Green
Gloom Blue Green
Vileplume Blue Green
Paras Orange Red
Parasect Red Yellow
Venonat Purple Dark Purple
Venomoth Purple Blue
Diglett Brown Dark Brown
Dugtrio Brown Dark Brown
Meowth Cream & Brown Cream & Red
Persian Yellow Light Yellow
Psyduck Yellow Blue
Golduck Blue & White Blue & Red
Mankey Cream Light Green
Growlithe Brown/Orange Yellow
Arcanine Brown Yellow
Poliwag Purple Blue
Poliwhirl Purple Blue
Poliwrath Blue Green
Abra Gold Light Yellow
Kadabra Gold Light Yellow
Alakazam Gold & Brown Gold & Pink
Machop Blue Brown
Machoke Blue Green
Machamp Blue Green
Bellsprout Yellow & Green Yellow
Weepinbell Yellow & Green Yellow
Victreebel Yellow & Green Green & Brown
Tentacool Blue & Red Purple & Green
Tentacruel Blue & Red Purple & Green
Geodude Grey Gold
Graveler Grey Brown
Golem Grey Brown
Ponyta Yellow & Red Yellow & Blue
Rapidash Yellow & Red Yellow & Purple
Slowpoke Purple Light Pink
Slowbro Pink Purple
Magnemite Silver Yellow
Magneton Silver Yellow
Farfetch’d Brown Pink
Doduo Brown Green
Dodrio Brown Green
Seel Light Blue White
Dewgong Light Blue White
Grimer Purple Green
Muk Purple Green
Shellder Purple Orange
Cloyster Purple Blue
Gastly Black & Purple Purple & Blue
Haunter Dark Purple & Light Purple Dark Purple & Blue
Gengar Purple Grey
Onix Grey Yellow
Drowzee Yellow Purple
Hypno Yellow Purple
Krabby Orange Yellow
Kingler Orange Green
Voltorb Red Blue
Electrode Red Blue
Exeggcute Pink Yellow
Exeggutor Grey & Green Yellow & Brown
Cubone Brown Green
Marowak Brown Green
Hitmonlee Brown Green
Hitmonchan Brown & Red Green & Blue
Lickitung Purple Yellow
Koffing Purple Grey
Weezing Purple Grey
Rhyhorn Grey Brown
Rhydon Grey Tan
Chansey Pink Tan & Green
Tangela Blue Green
Kangaskhan Brown Grey
Horsea Light Blue Dark Blue
Seadra Light Blue Purple
Goldeen White & Red White & Orange
Seaking White & Red Orange & Yellow
Staryu Brown White
Starmie Light Purple Dark Purple
Mr. Mime White & Purple White & Green
Scyther Light Green Dark Green
Jynx Purple & Red Purple & Pink
Electabuzz Yellow Orange
Magmar Red & Yellow Purple
Pinsir Grey Purple
Tauros Brown Yellow
Magikarp Red Yellow
Gyarados Blue Red
Lapras Blue Purple
Ditto Purple Blue
Eevee Brown White
Vaporeon Blue Purple
Jolteon Yellow Green
Flareon Red Orange
Porygon Red & Blue Blue & Purple
Omanyte Blue Purple
Omastar Purple Blue
Kabuto Brown Green
Kabutops Brown Green
Aerodactyl Purple White
Snorlax Blue Dark Blue
Dratini Blue Purple
Dragonair Blue Purple
Dragonite Orange Green
Chikorita Green Yellow
Bayleef Yellow & Green Tan & Yellow
Meganium Yellow Green
Cyndaquil White & Blue White & Brown
Quilava White & Blue White & Brown
Typhlosion White & Blue White & Brown
Totodile Blue Green
Croconaw Blue Green
Feraligatr Blue Green
Sentret Brown Yellow
Furret Brown & Tan Pink & White
Hoothoot Brown Yellow
Noctowl Brown Yellow
Ledyba Red-Orange Yellow
Ledian Red Yellow
Spinarak Green Blue
Ariados Red Purple
Crobat Pink Purple
Chinchou Purple Blue
Lanturn Blue Purple
Pichu Yellow Dark Yellow
Cleffa Pink & Brown Pink & Green
Igglybuff Pink Dark Pink
Togepi Yellow Brown
Togetic White Light Yellow
Natu Green Green-Yellow
Xatu Green Green-Yellow
Mareep White Purple
Flaaffy Purple Light Pink
Ampharos Yellow Purple
Bellossom Green Purple
Marill Blue Green
Azumarill Blue Yellow
Sudowoodo Brown & Green Yellow & Red
Politoed Green Blue
Hoppip Pink Green
Skiploom Green Purple
Jumpluff Purple Pink
Aipom Purple Pink
Sunkern Yellow Dark Yellow
Sunflora Green & Yellow Yellow
Yanma Red & Green Blue & Green
Wooper Blue Purple
Quagsire Blue Purple
Espeon Purple Green
Umbreon Black & Yellow Black & Blue
Murkrow Dark Blue Purple
Slowking Pink Purple
Misdreavus Blue Green
Unown Black Blue
Wobbuffet Blue Purple
Girafarig Yellow Dark Yellow
Pineco Blue-Grey Yellow
Forretress Pink & Red Yellow
Dunsparce Green Purple
Gligar Pink Purple
Steelix Grey Yellow
Snubbull Pink Purple
Granbull Purple Tan
Qwilfish Green Purple
Scizor Red Green
Shuckle Red Blue
Heracross Blue Purple
Sneasel Dark Blue Pink
Teddiursa Orange Green
Ursaring Brown Green
Slugma Red Grey
Magcargo Red Purple
Swinub Brown Grey
Piloswine Brown Yellow
Corsola Purple Blue
Remoraid Grey Purple
Octillery Red Yellow
Delibird Red Purple
Mantine Blue & White Dark Blue
Skarmory Silver & Red Green
Houndour Black Blue
Houndoom Black Blue
Kingdra Blue Purple
Phanpy Blue Light Blue
Donphan Grey Green
Porygon2 Red Blue
Stantler Brown Yellow
Smeargle White & Brown Yellow & Brown
Tyrogue Purple Grey
Hitmontop Brown & Blue Grey & Purple
Smoochum Purple Pink
Elekid Yellow Dark Yellow
Magby Purple Yellow
Miltank Pink Blue
Blissey Purple White & Light-Pink
Larvitar Light Green Dark Green
Pupitar Light Blue Purple
Tyranitar Green Brown
Celebi Green Purple