What’s new in the latest Pokemon Go update? (Niantic)

A new Pokemon Go update is about to be released.

Niantic Labs announced on Wednesday that Version 0.59.2 for Android is going to roll out soon. Unfortunately, though, this is one of those minor updates with no new features or anything too noteworthy; Niantic’s tweet simply says that it includes minor bug fixes.

Niantic typically announces these updates with a post on their website, but they have not done so this time, again indicating that this is relatively insignificant and not even worthy of writing full patch notes for.

According to Niantic’s announcement, the update is only for Android devices, not iOS devices.

It remains to be seen which bugs will be fixed in Version 0.59.2, but there are a fair amount of options. One that has become especially prominent in recent days is a glitch in which the “sightings” tab appears to be completely empty, even when they are Pokemon nearby and even when the player is standing still. However, this glitch also appears on iOS devices, and so it probably is not fixed by this Android-specific update.

There has also been a bug in which a Pokemon completely disappears from the screen during an encounter.

Check back in soon for more information about what Version 0.59.2 fixes in Pokemon Go.