Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fognini meet in the semifinals of the 2017 Miami Masters on Friday, and a live stream in the United States is easy to watch, even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

The match is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN 2. If you can’t get to a television, here’s a full rundown of all your streaming options for desktop and other devices:

Nadal vs. Fognini Live Stream


The easiest way to watch the match is via WatchESPN.com. If you choose the option that says “Miami Open – Stadium (Semifinals)” or “Miami Open (Semifinals)” on ESPN 3, you only have to be logged into your internet provider–rather than a pay TV provider–to watch a live stream. The latter option comes without broadcast commentary, while the former has commentary.

If you want to watch ESPN 2’s actual television broadcast, you can do so by instead clicking the “Miami Open (Quarterfinals)” ESPN 2 link. In this case, you’ll need to log in using your pay TV provider username and password to watch the stream.

You can click here for frequently asked questions and more information about WatchESPN.

Mobile & Streaming Devices

Viewers looking to watch the match on their mobile or streaming devices can do so via the ESPN app, which is free to download at the following places:

App Store

Google Play store

Amazon App store

Windows Store


Xbox One

As is the case with desktop, only the ESPN 2 stream (not the ESPN 3 one) requires you to log in to a cable or TV provider.