(The Silph Road)

Pokemon Go trainers are reporting that not only are shiny Magikarp in the game, but shiny red Gyarados too. The shiny Gyarados is red and has sparkles showing up around him in the animation. He’s been spotted by a few trainers so far, some have evolved him from a Shiny Magikarp. It’s unclear if he’s also been caught in the wild.

The above photo was shared from The Silph Road’s Twitter account. On Twitter, @Jose_xool also shared his shiny Gyarados:


Here’s another photo of a trainer evolving a Red Gyarados from a Shiny Magikarp:

It’s important to note that the shiny Gyarados are red. If you see a Gyarados that’s darker blue in color, this is not a shiny one. The darker blue are just a new animation change unrelated to shiny Pokemon.

Because you can evolve a shiny Gyarados from a shiny Magikarp, don’t waste your candies. It will cost 400 candies to make the evolution happen.

Have you found a shiny Gyarados or evolved it from a shiny Magikarp? Let us know in the comments below.