Shiny Magikarp have been caught in the wild in Pokemon Go. With the new water event, it looks like we’ll be seeing some shiny Pokemon too. Shiny Pokemon have sparkles with them and if you try to transfer them, Pokemon Go will ask you if you’re sure that you want to transfer a shiny Pokemon, according to trainers. The Magikarp began appearing a little before 5 p.m. Eastern. Have you caught a shiny Magikarp? Let us know in the comments below.

The news first became official when The Silph Road on Twitter reported the sightings:

And here’s a video showing the shiny Magikarp with animation:

So far, it doesn’t look like the shiny Magikarps are reserved to just one specific place, but are being found in many locations. One person even claimed to have already evolved a shiny Magikarp into a shiny Gyarados:

Here’s another photo of a shiny Magikarp:


It looks like they may not just be limited to the U.S. either:


If you see a Magikarp while you’re out, try to catch it. Shiny Magikarp won’t appear “shiny” on the tracker. You’ll only know you’re encountering a shiny one when you try to catch it. It isn’t marked as shiny on the map.

Here’s another video that one trainer shared about how the shiny Pokemon work:

It appears that you can see the different color on the Journal and on the Pokedex. But if you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of Pokemon Go yet, they may not appear as shiny in your Pokedex.

Have you caught a shiny Magikarp? Let us know in the comments below.