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Tonight is “Something They Need,” the latest episode from The Walking Dead. It looks like we’ll find out if Sasha survived her raid of Negan’s compound. And we may get updates on what’s going on with Gabriel and Daryl. The trailers are hinting that we may also see the Oceanside Community again. This could be a pretty big episode.

At the end of last week’s episode, Rosita had seen a strange man just outside Negan’s perimeter, and he looked a lot like Daryl. But it would have been very difficult for Daryl to get there that quickly. There are a lot of unanswered questions that fans are hoping will be resolved.

This post will have spoilers through Season 7 Episode 15. We will be updating this post with a recap and review of the show live as it airs. So keep coming back for more details about what happens tonight.

The episode begins with a narrative from Tara telling Rick about the Oceanside Community. She told him they had an armory, and we see shots interspersed of Rick’s group at the waterside. We see barnacle-covered zombies and Tara leading Rick and company through a forested area.

Right before the commercial break, we see zombies coming off a shipwrecked boat.

After the break, we returned to the Hilltop community. Maggie is giving gardening tips and then heads outside the wall to get a blueberry bush.

Next scene: Rick is helping Michonne up a tree. They talk about the clock starting “as soon as she’s in.” Michonne has a gun, so she may be up there as a sniper of some sort.

Jesus is setting up an explosive with Daryl. Aaron and Eric are talking and Eric gets character development, which makes fans worried.

Then we return to Negan’s compound, where Sasha has been caught and is being held in a cell. David introduces himself to her and tells her he gave the rope to the guys who tied her up. He acts very “rapey” and says she’s pretty. He asks if he gives her water, if she’ll do something for him. Sasha tells him to go to hell and hits him in the head with her head. He’s still being creepy, but gets interrupted by Negan, who tells him not to rape her. “Rape is against the rules,” Negan says. He then kills David in front of Sasha.

Negan remembers she was in Rick’s group. He asks if Rick put her up to this. Sasha says no. Negan tells her she’s not going to die, but this could be the beginning. He leaves the knife he used to kill David with Sasha and says it’s her. But he advises her not to use it to try to kill him. Instead, he suggests using it to save herself before David becomes a zombie. He wants Sasha to help him run the place one day.

“We are not monsters,” he tells her.

Later, Eugene arrives and brings Sasha a pillow and blanket. “There was some debate on whether I should come in here,” he said. He advised her to accept the offer, even if it’s a hold-your-nose kind of suggestion. He told her he was terrified and seeing what happened to Abraham and Glenn, survivors, he just couldn’t face it again. “Being here means I’ll never have to again…”

He said that he thought Glenn and Abraham would want her to say yes. “Things have changed, we can change with them,” he said. Sasha told him to leave. Eugene observed David was starting to turn. “Please,” Sasha said, “go.”

Next, Gregory talks to Maggie and apologizes. She says it’s never too late to change and he can come by later and talk to her. She asks him to keep an eye out while she finishes outside the wall. He gets out his knife, overlooking the area, and watches her. He leers over her, obviously tempted to stab her. But he doesn’t.

A walker appears and Gregory offers to kill it for Maggie and not let the pregnant woman protect him. Gregory backs out at the last minute and lets Maggie fight it, but then he’s attacked from behind by a zombie and cries out to Maggie to save him. She does.

A group stops by and Maggie says, “He hasn’t killed one before, he’s learning.” They say, “That’s not what he told us.”

In the next scene, we’re at the Oceanside Community where everyone is happy and relaxed. Tara is hiding in one of the buildings and surprises the leader with a gun. Cindy arrives and Tara tells her, “I didn’t have a choice.” She tells them her friends are out there and they need their guns because they’re going to fight the Saviors. “You should join us… They came back. They killed my friends… They took us over. They took everything from us… We’re going to fight them, and we have other communities… And with Oceanside, we’d have an army… If we fight them together, we’ll beat them.”

She asks the leader to talk to Rick because she can give the signal to stop her group.

The leader won’t agree and an explosion erupts. Michonne is shooting around people, not at them. Jesus stops one group and tells them to get on the ground.

Cindy pulls a gun on Tara and realizes Tara’s gun was unloaded. “Just talk to Rick,” Tara asks Tanya, the leader.

The entire group is rounded up, but then Tanya tells them no one is taking anything or Tara dies. Rick says they are taking their weapons and that won’t change. “Let’s talk about what we can change.”

Michonne has a shot on Tonya. Cindy tells the group that they want them to fight the Saviors, and Tanya says they won’t win. Tara tells Tanya nothing will change, even if she does kill her.

“Some of you actually want to fight them, after everything?” Tanya is angry. “I am going to do this and then I’m going to die. … This is your life, all of you.”

Cindy yells, “Rick, walkers!” and knocks out Tanya.

A huge group of walkers has arrived. It looks like the explosion drew them.

They fight the zombies as a team and win. But Tanya still insists they won’t fight with Rick, despite many people in the town wanting to.

We return to Negan, and they look in on Sasha to see what she decided. Sasha is alive and killed the zombie. “You win,” she said. “No,” Negan said, “you win.” But, he adds, he’s not leaving the knife with her — they have a long way to go before he believes her. “The way you surrendered to me just now,” he said, “that is a damn good start.”

“A little birdie told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good.” He tells her she’s going to help change that and help him make things a win-win. “Tomorrow is going to be a big day,” he said.

So who is the mole? Who told Negan about Rick’s plans? Or is Negan just bluffing and using an interrogation tactic?

In the next scene, Gregory is drinking and asks to be driven somewhere. “You’re going to need to pack a bag.”

Eugene talks to Sasha through the door and tells her she “made the correct select.”

Sasha says, “I was wrong. I can’t. I won’t.” She tells Eugene she feels trapped and he has to help her. It has to be over, she said, telling Eugene he has to give her something so she can kill herself.

“One way or another he’s going to use me to hurt my friends… And there’s nothing I can do about it except make sure I’m not alive… I have to die. It’s the only way.”

Eugene says he will consider it. Sasha says “thank you” and has a really weird smile on her face.

In the next scene, we’re back at the Oceanside Community. Rick’s group is taking all their guns. Gabriel is concerned they’re taking too much, but Rick says they need it all.

Tara says they’ll bring the guns back. Cindy says she wants to go with her, but it has to be all of them or none of them. Cindy thanks Tara for what they’re doing.

Rick asks Tara if she’s OK. Tara says yes, they don’t have to feel bad.

In the next scene, Eugene said he granted Tara’s request and passes her a poisoned pill. “For the record, I absolutely do not want you to go, but it sounds to me like you happen to be already gone,” he says.

In the next scene, Rick and his group are returning home. Rosita lets them in. “There’s someone here,” she said. In a cell is Dwight. Daryl lunges at him, but Rick pulls him back.

“He wants to help us,” Rosita says.

Dwight says he does want to help.

“Ok,” Rick says, “get on your knees.”

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