The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ released on the Nintendo Switch and now the title is available across 10 different platforms. Originally released in 2011, The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike game which means you have one life and you will maneuver your way through randomly generated dungeons aiming to defeat Isaac’s mother.

With the game just receiving another release, people are playing Issac now more than ever. This game can be very punishing to new players so here are some tips and tricks you need to know for playing it.

Bomb The Rocks With The Small “X” On Them

The Binding of Isaac

There’s a lot of rocks in The Binding of Isaac and most of them look the same. If you pay close attention, you’ll see some rocks with an X on them and those are rocks that can be blown up. When you see these rocks, drop a bomb by them and blow it up and you’ll get treasure from it.

Don’t Get Discouraged About Dying

The Binding of Isaac

This game is randomly generated. A result of that is getting good items and power ups on some runs and getting shafted on the others. Every death gives you a better idea of what each enemy does. The only way to get better is by playing and dying is all part of the process. Nothing carries over after you die but that’s part of the experience.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget About The Gold Room

The Binding of Isaac

The gold room is where you’ll get your power up from that floor. If you run straight to the boss, you’ll miss out on power ups that can help you with that boss and future floors assuming you don’t die.

Learn What The Different Hearts Do

The Binding of Isaac

Hearts are available in four different forms: red, white, grey and black. The red hearts restore health on your normal red heart health bar. The grey ones are tacked on to the end of the red heart bar and can’t be restored. The white ones will give you an additional red heart at the end of the floor. If you see these, it’s recommended that you wait until you are ready to advance to the next floor.

Give Extra Coins To The Donation Machine

The Binding of Isaac

The donation machine will usually be in the corner of your shop rooms but sometimes you’ll find other rooms with one in them. As you donate more to the machine, new things open up for your future runs. Some of these new features include the shop having more inventory, to the point that every store has six items instead of the three they start out with. Eventually the machine will stop working so you’ll have to do another run to keep donating coins to it. You are also able to bomb the machine to get coins if you’re in a pinch.