Here is a sneak peek at Season 4 Episode 8 of The 100: “God Complex,” airing March 29. The episode looks like it’s going to be very intense, as we wait to find out if Abby’s experiment is a success. This week, during Episode 7, we saw that Emori is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and Murphy is supporting her every step of the way. Clarke had a brief but much-needed break where she was able to pretend to be back in society again, where she’s not always fighting for her life. Abby started down the road of trying to find a new cure for the radiation headed their way. Octavia had a strange relationship start, and Bellamy was beat down by life all over again.

Here’s what was said during the trailer for next week.

Clarke: The death wave will be here in 10 days. This really is our only hope. … What if it doesn’t work?

Unknown Male: We’re meant to rise from the ashes.

Abby: The only thing that we know for sure, is that if we do nothing, we die.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode:

Clarke and Abby consider how far they are willing to go; Jaha discovers a lead to the mysterious Second Dawn.

It’s unclear how the Second Dawn plays out, since I thought they were out of commission every since how terribly the hunt for their bunker turned out. But apparently, that storyline’s not over yet.

If additional trailers or previews are released for next week’s episode, we’ll post them here.