On Sunday morning, rapper/singer Fetty Wap was involved in a shooting outside of a deli in New Jersey.

According to The Independent, police report that the suspect they currently have in custody is Raheem Thomas aka “Fuzz,” a fellow rapper who’s had a long and convoluted beef with Fetty Wap over the years. Fuzz even released a diss track against the rapper in 2015 titled “Got ‘Em,” and was taken in for questioning after he posted a picture of himself wearing Wap’s “1738” chain on social media.

Instagram Photo

TMZ has obtained footage of the moments leading up to the shooting, in which Fetty Wap and entourage are clearly seen trying to avoid confrontation. Fuzz, on the other hand, seen clearly in a white t-shirt and a red jacket, can be seen packing a firearm– the very same firearm that allegedly fired shots and wounded three people. He is currently being booked on charges of theft and aggravated assault. Watch the full clip below.

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