A shocking video recorded by a BBC camera shows the London terror attacker speeding along the pedestrian area of the Westminster Bridge in his SUV and a woman falling into the River Thames.

You can watch the video above.

The attacker drove through pedestrians, wounding dozens, on the Westminster Bridge, before driving into a fence near the UK Parliament building. He exited the vehicle and ran toward the Parliament building, where he attacked police officers who were standing guard.

The woman was pulled from the water alive and taken to the hospital. London Metropolitan Police say five people were killed, including the assailant. Three people died on the Westminster Bridge, while a police officer was fatally stabbed by the attacker near the UK Parliament building. The attacker was then shot dead by police.

Other graphic video taken after the attack shows people with injuries on the bridge. One victim appears to have been struck by a double-decker bus.

The identity of the attacker has not been released. Police said they are investigating the incident as a terrorist attack.

You can watch other videos from the scene at the link below:

UK Parliament Attack: Photos & Videos From the Scene

Police in London responded to reports of at least two people being shot and a suspect stabbing a police officer with a knife. See photos and videos.

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