“You found me!” is a phrase you’ll hear a lot in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild if you explore enough. With 900 seeds to collect, you might find yourself wondering what to do with them all.

You need to find a korok named Hestu. He is a giant Korok and you’ll find him north of Dueling Peaks Stable on the road to Kakoriko Village. He’ll allow you to spend the seeds to upgrade your inventory space for your weapons, shields and bows. The upgrades get more expensive by one seed each time.

After you find him by the Dueling Stables and purchase enough upgrades, he’ll stop right near Riverside Stable next. Once you get enough upgrades from him there he will eventually settle down in the Korok Forest. In order to get to him, you’ll have to traverse the Lost Woods. Make sure you grab the shrine waypoint to make for easy fast traveling.