Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa (AMC/The Walking Dead)

At the end of The Walking Dead, Season 7 Episode 14, Rosita sees a shadow of a man. But it’s probably not who you think it is.

This post has spoilers through “The Other Side.” 

Fans might think the person that Rosita saw at the end of The Walking Dead was Daryl, because he looked like he had a quiver of arrows with him. However, the person she saw probably was not Daryl. Daryl is still at the Hilltop. Last we saw, he was hugging Maggie and finding much-needed redemption over his guilt about what happened to Glenn. And it appears, from a preview, that he’s still with that group. However, as one commenter below pointed out, it was at the very end of the episode that Daryl mentioned the girls were missing, so he certainly would have had motive to go. But to get there, he would have needed to catch a ride there or take a motorcycle, since it would impossible to get there on foot at the same time they arrived by truck.

If it wasn’t Daryl, though, then who else might Rosita have seen? Here’s a photo:


The man Rosita saw. (AMC)

Although she was outside the perimeter, she was still essentially on Negan’s grounds. So it had to be someone who had the ability to be nearby.

A favorite theory is that the person she saw was Dwight. The length of the hair and the man’s build matches Dwight. And, if you recall, Dwight got Daryl’s arrows. Daryl got his new set at the Kingdom, so Dwight still has Daryl’s original set. The man she was seeing was likely Dwight. He certainly had the “means, motive and opportunity” to be there, so to speak.

The only other person with hair that long is Jesus, and he was still at the Hilltop, meeting with Gregory the last we saw him. Unless he found a way to get to Negan’s compound quickly, which isn’t impossible with Jesus.

Do you agree with this theory? Who do you think she saw? Let us know in the comments below. And here are some additional pictures to help with your theories, in the story below:

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