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During almost every episode of The Walking Dead, someone dies, whether they are zombies or “red shirt” type characters or one of our favorites. But tonight is different, due to rumors circulating about at least one death that may leave some fans quite upset. But were any of those rumors true?

This post has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 14. 

Last week’s episode focused on The Kingdom, leading to Morgan’s possible descent back into madness. Benjamin died as a result of Richard’s actions, and Morgan later killed Richard in front of the Saviors and some people from the Kingdom. Meanwhile, at the end of the episode one week earlier, Rosita met up with Sasha and the two decided they were going to try to kill Negan in what would likely be a one-way mission. With the conversation in mind, some fans are very worried about these two characters’ futures.

Here’s the synopsis for tonight’s episode:

The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone, with plans of taking more than supplies.

Does this synopsis mean that Daryl or Maggie might be in danger too?

So here’s the answer: 

No one officially died tonight. At least, we didn’t see any deaths on screen. Daryl and Maggie made it out just fine. And Sasha stopped Rosita from following her and saved her life, leaving Rosita to run into a stranger outside the perimeter.

But as for Sasha, we don’t know yet whether she’s alive or dead. She killed someone on her way into the compound, after Eugene saw them and refused to be rescued. She knew her time was up. Here’s that scene:

But did she die? Fans aren’t sure. The show certainly didn’t reveal it. But there’s really only one of two possibilities. Either she did die, which is likely since Negan’s main people are typically armed, or she was captured. The chance that she would have gotten to Negan after losing the element of surprise was pretty much slim to none.

However, in The Walking Dead world, big deaths rarely happen off camera. Remember when Glenn died and when he did not die? So, since we didn’t see Sasha die, she’s likely alive, but captured. Which could mean that she could die very soon.

What do you think happened to Sasha? Let us know in the comments below.

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