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During almost every episode of The Walking Dead, someone dies. But tonight is different because after how we left off last week, Sasha doesn’t appear to have a very good chance of making it out alive. We’ll let you know what we know so far about what happens tonight and we will update this post as the episode airs.

This post has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 15. 

At the end of last week’s episode, Sasha went into Negan’s compound in an attempt to kill him, having lost the element of surprise thanks to an ill-advised attempt to save Eugene. (What were she and Rosita thinking?) She locked Rosita out of the compound, saying that Rosita’s time hadn’t come yet.

But what happens to Sasha?

Well, according to photos released early by AMC, at the very least she doesn’t die in the original shooting when she enters the compound. It looks like she gets captured. Here are two photos:

Sasha as seen in Season 7 Episode 15. (AMC/The Walking Dead)

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

So so far, we know she survives at least a while, and it looks like she ends up in the same cell where they held Daryl and tortured him with that awful song. But as for whether or not she survives the entire episode — well that’s another story. We’ll be updating this post as we learn more about what happens to Sasha tonight and if anyone else dies.

So far, Sasha was not killed. She’s being held in a cell and instead of her dying, Negan killed David — a member of his community who had threatened to rape Sasha.

Later, Eugene arrives and brings Sasha a pillow and blanket. “There was some debate on whether I should come in here,” he said. He advised her to accept the offer, even if it’s a hold-your-nose kind of suggestion. He told her he was terrified and seeing what happened to Abraham and Glenn, survivors, he just couldn’t face it again. “Being here means I’ll never have to again…”

He said that he thought Glenn and Abraham would want her to say yes. “Things have changed, we can change with them,” he said. Sasha told him to leave. Eugene observed David was starting to turn. “Please,” Sasha said, “go.” We’re left to wonder if she’s suicidal and might still die at the end.

Later, there’s a big zombie fight at the Oceanside Community, but no one dies in that scene either.

In a later scene, we see that Sasha chose to live and kill zombie David. So she’s going to be OK — for now. But a couple scenes later, she tells Eugene she needs a way to kill herself. Eugene later says he decided to grant her request and passes her a poisoned pill.

She’s still alive when the episode ends.

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