WrestleMania 33 will be bigger than ever.

The annual event, which takes place Sunday at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, features one of the biggest stages ever for a WWE pay-per-view.

The slogan for this year’s WresltleMania is “The Ultimate Thrill Ride,” and spectators will likely get to experience that firsthand, as the massive stage features a full-blown roller coaster behind the entrance ramp.

Photos and videos of the stage being set up at the stadium have surfaced on social media by construction workers and fans nearby the stadium; it’s hard not to notice from outside the stadium.

The ring in the middle of the stadium is set to be covered by a canopy similar to others at outdoor stadiums. But this one has a huge prop wrestling ring on top of it, ropes and all.

While regular pay-per-view events typically feature almost identical sets, the WWE usually goes all-in on its stage and entrances for WrestleManias.

The 2017 edition will be no different, as this one promises to be as unique as ever. There’s no word yet on the cost of the set itself, but chances are that it’ll cost the WWE a pretty penny.

Click here to see a full high-quality gallery of the stage from the Orlando Sentinel.

The action begins at 6 p.m. EST with the WrestleMania 33 kickoff show and continues at 7 p.m. EST with the official card. It’s available to stream with a subscription WWE Network.

Here’s some of the photos and videos of the set that have been surfacing on social media:

A Helicopter Captured a Birds-Eye View of the Set & It’s Breathtaking

The Roller Coaster Behind the Stage Requires Multiple Cranes to Build

A Video Shows Just How Long the Walk for Superstars Down to the Ring Will Be

A View From the Back Shows How Tall the Roller Coaster Is; No Telling if Shane McMahon Will Jump Off of It

The Set All Together Encompasses Just How Big of a Deal the Stage Is

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