Is shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go yet? (Niantic)

Shiny Pokemon have become available in Pokemon Go. 

At the moment, the only two shiny Pokemon that are in the game are Magikarp and Gyarados. But what happens if one of these shiny Pokemon transforms into a Ditto? Will the Ditto be shiny as well?

Unfortunately, the answer appears to be no: a number of players have had the experience of encountering a shiny Magikarp, getting excited for it, only for it to transform into a regular Ditto.

Nobody has yet had the experience of getting a shiny Ditto from this experience, and, in fact, it does not appear that shiny Dittos have yet been released in Pokemon Go. 

It is possible, though, that when shiny Dittos are added into the game, these Pokemon that started as a shiny Magikarp but transformed into regular Dittos will suddenly start retaining their shiny status. For that reason, it might be worth hanging on to these Dittos just in case.

Normal Dittos in Pokemon Go are purple, while shiny Dittos are blue. For Magikarp, the normal color is red-orange, while the shiny color is gold. Finally, a normal Gyarados is blue, while the shiny Gyarados is red.

It does not become clear that a Pokemon is shiny until you are in an encounter with it, as it appears in its normal color on your map and on your nearby tracker.