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WATCH: Prince William Dancing Videos in Verbier

Prince William has been captured in a series of cell phone videos showing him “dad dancing” in Verbier, Switzerland at a ski resort. You can watch one of the videos above.

The prince, who did not bring his wife, Kate Middleton, or children along, has found himself the subject of lurid headlines in the British press over the videos and photos that showed him lunching with a blonde Australian model named Sophie Taylor and appearing to touch the waist of an unidentified brunette in a dance club.

TMZ reported that William was in Verbier with male friends and described his dance moves as being out of the 1990s. He “saved his best moves for ‘I Got 5 On It,” the entertainment site reported.

It was William’s proximity to beautiful women that had some tongues wagging – especially a video showing him touching the waist of the brunette who has not been identified.

The day before, William drew headlines when he lunched with friends, including Taylor. Her friends insist she has a boyfriend and that there was nothing untoward about her interactions with the prince. According to US Weekly, William – who skipped the annual Commonwealth Day service attended by the other royals but is now back in England – was also photographed having drinks at a restaurant with Taylor, 24, a friend of hers and three of his own male friends (Guy Pelly, James Meade and Tom Van Straubenzee).

A friend of Taylor’s said she is “in a serious relationship with chef Aaron Goodfellow” and was not flirting with Prince William, US Weekly reported. A friend told The Independent that Goodfellow had given “his blessing” to Taylor to hang out with the prince.

Also drinking at the lunch with William: Rosie Peate, 30, a former beautician, reported the Sun. The photos are in this video:

Some people accused William of “dancing like a dad.”

In one of the videos, says Daily Mail, William, 34, appears to be dancing with Taylor.

The prince, who is normally serious in public, certainly showed a lighter side in the videos. Reaction was mixed, with some arguing that the public should leave the prince alone, and others saying his behavior was inappropriate and likely to land him in the dog house back at home.

One tourist described William as “worse for the wear.”

The tourist told Australian news media, “He was dancing so wildly that I did a double take when I first saw him and thought it must be a lookalike. But before long everyone realised they really were partying with Prince William.”

The jokes were endless.

However, a friend of William told US Weekly “It was all clean, harmless fun.”

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WATCH: Parliament Suspended During London Terror Attack

Video captured the moment UK Parliament was suspended after sounds of gunfire were heard outside during what police are considering a terrorist attack on the British seat of government.

You can watch the video above.

There were also reports that British Prime Minister Theresa May was “ushered into a car” and evacuated during the attack. “It’s believed she initially headed to Black Rod’s entrance but then turning towards Carriage Gates, near to where the incident took place,” according to Metro.

The Guardian reported that May “was rushed into a car 40 yards from the gates outside parliament where shots were fired minutes after the incident occurred, according to footage filmed by a member of staff.”

The Guardian reported: “She was ushered by at least eight armed undercover police, some with their firearms drawn, into a waiting black vehicle in Speaker’s Court, the footage seen by the Guardian shows. Loud bangs can be heard in the background as she is ushered into the car, but it is unclear whether the bangs were gunshots.”

The terrorist attack, which unfolded the morning of March 22, shut down Parliament. According to ABC News, there were reports that the assailant, wielding a knife, was shot to death by a police officer. As many as 12 people may have been injured, including some from being mowed down by a car in the unfolding incident. The Metropolitan police said on Twitter that they were treating it as a terrorist attack, and graphic video captured the scene of people lying in the roadway.

“Unmarked police vehicles have blocked off the road to parliament at Horse Guards Parade. A helicopter is flying low above the Foreign Office and the PM’s residence,” reported the Guardian.

BBC reported, “Prime Minister Theresa May is safe after an assailant was shot outside Parliament by armed police, a spokesman for her office said.”

However, BBC added: “The spokesman declined to say where Mrs. May was when the attack took place.”

The Guardian reported that “a man in black attack a police officer outside Parliament before being shot two or three times as he tried to storm into the House of Commons.”

See more photos and videos from the scene in London here:

UK Parliament Attack: Photos & Videos From the Scene

Police in London responded to reports of at least two people being shot and a suspect stabbing a police officer with a knife. See photos and videos.

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