A video filmed by a man trying to show off his arm balance on a stack of dumbbells is outshined by an older man nonchalantly sinking basketball free throws in the background. The video ranked #1 on Reddit for the subreddit for videos. It was aptly titled, “Bearded douche w/ a rib tattoo doing something unnecessarily athletic, outshined by senior draining free throws.

The comment section on the video was even funnier. GentlemenBehold wrote, “Meanwhile the guy in the weight-room, who normally works out with 60lb dumbbells, now has to use the 20lb ones because this **shole has every dumbbell between 30 and 70 lbs.” To which Jmersh responded, “And this **&shole did the stunt on wood floors. If those towers of dumbells fell over, it would f**k up the floor so bad.”

But the punchline was given by Four-In-Hand with the zinger, “The worst part would most definitely be the loud bang it would make, thereby ruining the old guy’s rhythm and possibly making him actually miss his 1st free throw.”

Whatever this CrossFitter was trying to do, little did he know that the star of his video would be Grandpa Fire Hoops in the back.

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WATCH: Senior Citizen Sinks Free Throws While CrossFitter Does Something Unnecessarily Athletic