The social media managers of ABC News and its morning talk show Good Morning America started March 23 in crisis mode.

Both of the Twitter accounts were reportedly “hacked” and sent out dozens tweets that included support President Donald Trump and reporting that rapper Tyler the Creator was killed when his tour bus crashed. The string of tweets from both accounts is now deleted and it appears ABC once again has control over its Twitter accounts.

It’s not immediately known who is responsible for the hack, but ABC’s PR Twitter account posted a tweet shortly around 9 a.m. EST that said the issue has been resolved.

But, as the it works, nothing is officially deleted from the web. The tweets were screenshotted by some Twitter users.

Here’s some more of the tweets that were sent out in the morning by ABC and GMA:

Note: Some tweets with explicit language were edited by Heavy.

One Tweet Called Trump ‘Our Lord & Savior’

A String of Tweets Continued With the Sarcastic, Trump-Centered Comments




Another Tweet From ABC Asked For Users to Follow Another User

1 Tweet Gave a ‘Shout Out’ to Trump


A String of Tweets Joked & Reported About Tyler the Creator. The Accounts Tagged In the Tweets Have Been Suspended


Last week, McDonald’s sent a tweet aimed at Trump in the morning of March 16. It called Trump a “disgusting excuse of a president” with “tiny hands.”

The fast-food corporation acknowledged that its account “was compromised” and deleted the tweet. It said that they were investigating the matter.

McDonald’s Deletes Tweet Calling Donald Trump a ‘Disgusting Excuse of a President’

McDonald’s has deleted a tweet from its corporate Twitter account calling President Donald Trump a “disgusting excuse of a president” with “tiny hands.”

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